·         Arrive at least five to ten minutes before class starts

·         If you are late, join in without being disruptive to other students and instructor(s)

·         During the class keep talking to other students to the minimum and pay attention to instructions.

·         New Students are admitted until the second week of each session. Each student deserves 100% attention for the class he/she is enrolled in. Therefore, we CANNOT have drop-in students coming in after the second class. This applies to all Level I Classes. If you have any questions about this please give us a call or email us at least 24hrs before the class.

·        IMPORTANT: Do not attempt to teach other students or your partner how to do moves that are yet to be explained by instructor(s). We want everyone to go at the same pace and practice the same moves explained by instructors first. 

     Regular attendance is necessary in order to make progress in class. So please make sure that you can attend all or most of the classes you sign up for. If you are going to miss a class please let us know.

·         Make-up classes will not be offered unless the class is cancelled due to instructor(s) absence or studio closings due to inclement weather.

·         Class fee is neither transferable nor refundable.

·         If you are there waiting for another student and wish to observe the class please keep noise level to the minimum, whether you are waiting in the studio or outside in the hallway.

·         Only water is allowed in the studio.


Here is article about Golden Rules of Dancing which might expalain some of the rules above even better.  

Dance class is no different from any other type of class. To ensure that you walk away with the greatest amount of information possible, just follow these simple rules.

1. Respect your instructor. It was your choice to pay them for their knowledge and expertise, so be sure to treat them with respect and pay attention to what they are teching you.

2. Show up to your class on time. Make sure that you arrive with enough time to get settled, change into your dance shoes and be ready to go on time. Many private lessons are actually only 50 minutes long and it is likely that your instructor has another lesson following yours; if you are late it will cut into your class time. It is not the instructor's obligation to make up for your tardiness. If it is a group class you will disrupt the entire class.

3. Be considerate of everyone in the class. They are all there to learn. Everyone learns at a different pace, in a different way. Use any extra explanation time to practice the move you are learning or to quietly take notes. Keep talking and giggling to a minimum.

4. Keep questions to a minimum and allow the instructor the courtesy of fully demonstrating a move or pattern before jumping in with questions or comments. Do not compare one instructor to another. Be willing to receive what you are learning, retain what you like and graciously discard what you do not.

5. Keep your attention focused on your instructor. Missing one small portion of a step or pattern could be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful learning opportunity.

6. Wear suitable clothing and shoes. Clothing should be comfortable and nonrestrictive, keeping in mind that you will likely be warm while dancing. Dance shoes with either suede or leather soles should be worn. Clunky rubber bottomed shoes will not work. They make dancing very difficult and can lead to injury.

7. Allow the teacher to teach. Do not start instructing the partner you are dancing with even if they are struggling and you think you might be able to do a better job. Do not openly challenge an instructor's expertise.

8. Come to class with an open mind and spirit. Try to keep complaints and whining to yourself. There is nothing more aggravating than a person that whines or complains throughout an entire workshop, if this is you, good luck finding someone to dance with afterwards.

Remember, learning to dance can be difficult, but with dedication and practice you will find that the time and effort you have dedicated to the sport will far out weigh any of the pains that you encounter during the process. By simply following the above rules, you are assured to have a great time and reap the benefits of the class or workshop. Learning to dance will add zest to your life, body, mind and soul.

Life is not About Waiting for the Storm to Pass....It's About Learning to Dance in the Rain.

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