Quotes The members of this group are all really friendly and easy-going. They really made an effort to make me feel welcome. I think this group would be great for people who want to learn Salsa but may not have a group of friends to go dancing with regularly. It's also a great way to meet new people. I'm really glad I joined Quotes

Quotes This is a great way to meet new people and have fun too! Very friendly group. Quotes

Quotes Because it's the best salsa instruction in the triad area. Quotes

Quotes If you want to learn to how to do salsa as well as other latin dances, this is the group for you! Everyone is really nice and likes to dance which is the whole point! :0) Quotes

Quotes People will love the group we have a BLAST while learing to dance and meeting new people Quotes
Ken B.

Quotes If you like to dance, This group has people who can! Not only they can dance, but they are friendly and welcoming. It is a clean fun and exercise with great music Quotes

Quotes Great way to get started learning salsa Quotes
Mark Idol

Quotes This is a great group of people and a good group to join to get your feet wet. If you can walk, you can dance Quotes

Quotes Good exercise, great stress reliever, and a way to put a smile on your face Quotes
Deborah T.

Quotes It's a lot of fun! Great workout, friendly people, and if you just loe dancing you should def. join! Quotes
Candace S.